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Obesity is a prevalent disease throughout the world and especially in South Carolina.  It is increasingly implicated as a cause for higher rates of diabetes, HTN, stroke and cancer risk among other illnesses.

At Carolina Endocrine Associates (CEA), our board-certified doctors evaluate each patient for the underlying cause of his/her obesity.  That starts with a review of the patient’s past medical history provided by each patient as well as an oral history.  A physical exam can be helpful in pointing to particular underlying causes of obesity.  Labs are performed to rule out metabolic problems and multi-pronged treatment regimens are tailored to compiled findings.

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Elevated fats in the bloodstream, known as lipids, are a common cause of heart, brain and peripheral arterial disease.  Depending on the level of these values, they can represent genetic, metabolic or dietary disorders.  High lipid levels can pose variable risks to each patient, depending upon the patient’s underlying medical and family history.  At Carolina Endocrine Associates (CEA), each board-certified doctor has specialty training in understanding the cause and optimal treatment of different lipid diseases.  We partner with each patient to tailor treatment plans to their specific needs.

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